Read the article “Crossings: A Communal Journey of Catholic Immigrants in Los Angeles” about how Cornerstone Theatre worked with different parishes and how they presented different pieces in a rather non-traditional theatre space.
Then, based on your reading of the article, imagine that YOU are responsible for creating a “Cornerstone-type” performance at KSU. Address the following questions:
• What pertinent Kent State University issues might that performance address?
• What groups would be involved?
• What type of theatre and theatre space might be most useful?
Make sure to substantiate your proposal by including specific descriptions and examples found in the article, and make sure to include information found in the Articulate lectures on Community-Based Theatre and Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed.
Make sure to click on the rubric icon (the square grid located to the right, just before the point total for this discussion) and read it carefully, to ensure that you are meeting the criteria given in completing your discussion response.

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