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  • Negotiation Strategy Article Analysis

    Negotiation Strategy Article Analysis

    Use the internet or other resources to find One Article that describes a business negotiation situation related to two different industry sectors within Fortune 500 companies that employs different negotiation strategies. Write a 800 to 825 words ​paper that describes the negotiation strategies used in your selected article. The text book is required to define,…Read More »
  • Fentanyl


    This paper will be on a drug with the potential for abuse or misuse. There are numerous drugs that are utilized within our society today, some found predominately within the legitimate framework of medical practice and others designed solely for recreational and experimental purposes. No matter the use or the source, there is a tremendous…Read More »
  • Cartwheel


    The “cartwheel” is a legal research device used to gather terms to do your research. It is a type of brainstorming. For instance, if you are researching whether your spouse being involved with another person at the time of the marriage is grounds for annulment, you would start with your most general search term, perhaps…Read More »
  • Interoperability or security?

    Interoperability or security?

    To Be or Not To Be – Interoperable Simple analog two-way radios are interoperable by nature. Digital trunked two-way radios are more efficient and secure. What is more important: interoperability or security? Why? Is interoperability a technical, fiscal or political problem? Why? Reference: National Telecommunications and Information Administration. (2016). U.S. Frequency Allocation Chart. Talbot, David,…Read More »
  • Victim of a sexual assault

    Victim of a sexual assault

    One of the firm’s lawyers has asked you to conduct research on behalf of a client. The client is the victim of a sexual assault and did not report the event to the police. The client wants to know if she can sue the offender and if so, for what can she sue? Can she…Read More »
  • Was Adam’s actions justified?

    Was Adam’s actions justified?

    Adam Green is an orderly in the Midwest Nursing Home. His supervisor,Nora Malone, has asked him to supervise the dining room while 20residents eat their evening meal. Bill Heckler is an 80-year-old residentwho is very alert and ambulatory. He tells Adam that he doesn’t like themeal that’s being served, and he wants to leave the…Read More »
  • Negotiation


    Maximum Word Limit 1450 words Charlie has a negotiation next week with a large Greek transport company. It is his first time being given the responsibility of a new supplier, added to the fact that he has never negotiated with anyone in another country. He was nervous about the whole thing, and having never visited…Read More »
  • Cultural Variation & Ethical Dilemma in Belize

    Cultural Variation & Ethical Dilemma in Belize

    Topics to discuss include: child rearing, educational system, health care, common diseases, differences in the way genders are treated (if any), courtship and marriage customs. Lastly, discuss one major ethical dilemma in regard to pediatrics within the country. Choose and discuss at least two ethical terms/terminology as it relates to the dilemma. The paper should…Read More »
  • How businesses interact with their internal and external environments

    How businesses interact with their internal and external environments

    Order Instructions Benchmark – West Chester Private School Case Study The purpose of this assignment is to analyze how businesses interact with their internal and external environments. Students will also apply their knowledge of decision-making models, technology and innovation challenges, management theories, and goal setting. Write a paper (1,600-1,800 words) in which you address the…Read More »
  • Managing personal competencies

    Managing personal competencies

    Case Study Speedy Prompt Deliveries (SPD) Limited SPD is a UK-based company that specialises in next-day business-to-business deliveries throughout the UK. Since its establishment in 1975 it has become a market leader in the express delivery business through organic growth and the acquisition of smaller, geographically specific companies. SPD now employs some 5000 people throughout…Read More »

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