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Read a book and write a report on and analysis of the book
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INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE FINAL ESSAY Read the book Our most troubling madness: Case studies in schizophrenia across cultures. In an 18020 wor d essay, provide a report on and analysis of the book using the following framework (that is, be sure to address the following points in your essay): •What is the main goal or objective of this book? (guideline: 01wo ds) •Choose three of the case studies, describe them briefly, and identify/explore how they address this main goal or objective. (guideline: 250 wo ds each = 750 wo ds) •What do the editors conclude about the experience of schizophrenia based on the themes/patterns they discern across their case studies? What are some of their recommendations for how to help people with schizophrenia based on their conclusions? (50 words) •What do you discern as a possible critique of these conclusions and recommendations based on your reading of the case studies and any other material we have covered in class? For example, do you think their conclusions and recommendations are warranted based on the ethnographic material provided? Why or why not? Could other conclusions be drawn? If so, what would they be? What other readings/perspectives you have covered in the course could be brought to bear on assessing their arguments? These are just examples of ways of thinking about your critique. (guideline: 05wo ds) HOW TO PRESENT YOUR FINAL ESSAY APA format is to be used for this essay. Provide in-text references when you are paraphrasing or referring to material from the book. If you refer to material from the same source repeatedly throughout a paragraph, it will suffice to put an in-text reference to that material at the end of the paragraph (rather than after every sentence). Try to keep direct quotes to a minimum, but if they are used, in-text references would look like this: In his foreword to Our Most Troubling Madness, medical anthropologist Kim Hopper contends that understanding better how culture shapes recovery in other parts of the world can help us design better treatment where we reside. As he puts it “better
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