information systems management (ISM) plan for the Acme Mexico City (AMC) store.

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information systems management (ISM) plan for the Acme Mexico City (AMC) store.
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In this activity, during Weeks 8 and 9, the section will work in teams to prepare an information systems management (ISM) plan for the Acme Mexico City (AMC) store. 

The plan should address at least the following areas:

•        The objectives of the facility’s information system in terms of how it should support the needs of each AMC stakeholder group (define these groups and develop specific information requirements of each).

o        Internal needs will include at least:  store business processes and operations, decision making by employees and managers, strategies to gain competitive advantage, store human resource needs, etc

o        External needs will include at least:  reporting and interface to Acme corporate, meeting Mexican and US government regulatory requirements, fulfillment of supplier and customer expectations in this business sector in Mexico City, etc

•        An overview of the information system design for the store including hardware, software, processing/procedures and staffing recommendations.

•        Maintenance and future improvements of the system.

•        A planning budget for the above.

·         Training required.

Remember that AMC is part of a substantial chain of such stores.  Acme corporate will have (hypothetical) standards, policies and expectations with which Acme Mexico City (AMC) must comply.

AMC Staff Training Requirements

a.     Scope

b.    Implementation Timing

c.     Budget – Brief description of total hardware budget (MXN & USD)

–       Breakout cost by type – Assume 5 years of cost (excel)

–       Development, purchase, maintenance cost and contingency

d.    OGTM – relates to the Company Strategic Goals & Objectives, objectives in terms of how they should support the needs of each stakeholder group, define required resource.

e.     Current informational systems capabilities inventory – should reduce budget

–       Note: Verify that we have sufficient Spanish-speaking, qualified IT employees in the company to support the training program at AMC. While use of Mexican nationals is preferable, it is company knowledge and technical competence that are paramount.

–       Note: Us trainers will be in Mexico for only limited periods, we should be able to obtain work visa for them. The store IS manager will have to vet the IT vocabulary of any interpreter to be hired.

f.     Type & Frequency

–       Note: Include Chart

–       Note: We should approach our training programs with a view toward making them a model for those for our later stores in Mexico. One or more of our AMC IS personnel should be temporarily detailed to North Carolina IS operations to observe and learn the ACME way.