For the term paper, you are free to select any topic that
is of interest to you. The only requirement is that it must be related to
immigration, preferably to one of the topics covered.
Tables and figures (if provided) should be appended at the back.

In writing
your paper, references should be based on published refereed journal
articles, books, and government publications. Refrain from from using
internet web pages that are not officially sponsored, since the internet is not
regulated, and quality of sites cannot always be determined. Blog posts are
NOT allowed. Do not cite from Wikipedia.

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Only scientific peer
reviewed journal articles, books, and government publications are permited.
Reports from entities, such as the United Nations, Eurostat, the European
Union, Office for National Statistics, Statistics Canada, US Bureau of the
Census, CDC, NCHS, Bureau of Labor Statistics, IPUMS, the Population
Reference Bureau, Department of Homeland Security (and its components,
such as ICE, USCIS, CBP) may be used. Reports by ‘think tanks’ and policy
oriented institutions and centers, such as the Brooking Institution, the Urban
League, ACLU, Center for Migration Studies, RAND, PEW Hispanic Center,

National Council of La Raza, Southern Poverty Law Center, and so on may
also be used. If you borrow ideas from a website, please provide in the text
the organization name and year, and in the References, the organization
name, year of document, name or description of document, and the full URL,
as well as the date and time of your visit. For example, if you read a report
online on H-1B Petitions, this is the way to cite in the text: U.S. Department
of Homeland Security (2017). In the Reference section of your paper, the
following is how to give the full reference to the citation:
Department of Homeland Security (2017). USCIS Will Accept H-1B Petitions
for Fiscal Year 2016 Beginning April 1, 2016. Available online at