1. Identify the levels of nursing education available for the registered nurse.

2. Describe the roles, competencies, benefits, and challenges for each level of nursing education.

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Identify the levels of nursing education available for the registered nurse.
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3. Identify the changing roles of the baccalaureate prepared nurse as a member of the health care team.

4. Recognize the value of nursing research and critical thinking skills as a part of nursing practice.

Assignment: Nurses have to opportunity to choose multiple levels of education: associate (A.D.N.), baccalaureate (B.S.N.), master’s (M.S.), and doctoral (PhD or DNP). With each of these roles come different levels of educational preparation and responsibility.

1. For each level of education, describe the educational preparation, levels of responsibility, potential roles (patient care, leadership, research, policy, etc), benefits and challenges.

2. What do nurses have in common among all of the levels of education? What are the major differences?

3.How does level of education change the role of the professional nurse?

This should be a 5-6 page paper that contains the information above. This is a formal paper so use correct APA format. Include a title page, reference page, and proper headings. Besides your text, use credible sites to describe each level of education (American Nurses Association, American Association of Colleges of Nursing, etc) and peer reviewed journal articles to gather information on challenges, benefits, and roles.

Please edit paper for APA style format. ” ” without a citation need (Nelson, 2002). Please help me with APA format for my Title Page and reference page. Diana M. Clouthier NURS 3460 Prof Kaeberle