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Directions: View a documentary of your choosing and answer the questions listed below. Documentaries must be on a subject related to Florida’s multicultural history. If you are unsure of a documentary’s appropriateness, please contact the instructor. Documentaries may be found on television, online, at your local library, or on the Barry University library’s online databases (for example, Films On Demand), which allow you to access documentaries online.
For longer documentaries of over one hour that are broken into segments (such as lengthy Ken Burns documentaries), you may count each segment or episode of one hour in length as separate assignments. You may also watch and analyze feature films that focus on a relevant topic that is either based on actual historical events or settings directly related to topics covered by this course.
Please save your answers in a Word document. Make sure you include the documentary or film title and length as well as where you accessed it. When completed, you may either upload your answers directly to the Canvas site, E-mail your answers to the instructor from your Barry E-mail address, or submit your answers in written form to the instructor during class.
** I need 5 hours of documentary to be review. it can be done as one documentary that you find that is 5 hours or longer or break down into 2 2hours and 1 -1 hour t o have a total of 5hours. if you find a 5hour documentar y you only need to submit one paragraph answering to the questions. if you’re doing more than one documentary/ film I need one paragraph for each.****
Documentary Questions:
Give a one paragraph description of the documentary subject and point of view (what did the documentary say about the subject). How accurately and extensively did the documentary cover the topic addressed?
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