7-10-page research paper on a political science topic chosen by the student. This paper will consist of an introduction, a literature review, a research question with hypotheses, a statistical analysis, and summary of findings.

Must restate thesis: Every four years America elects a new president, but do celebrity endorsements actually sway a voter to certain side?

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Celebrity Influence on Politics
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**SOURCES MUST BE SCHOLARLY AND SHOULD COME FROM GOOGLE SCHOLAR. Can use anything for a literature review.**

TOPIC: Celebrity Influence in Politics.

***Feedback from professor for final paper: Dependent Variable should be vote choice not the number of candidates one follows on Twitter. Please clarify what your research question is and what hypothesis you seek to test. Furthermore, you need a full data set with multiple observations for each variable in order to run your statistical analysis. You may consider looking at the ANES or GSS survey data sets to see if they have asked questions about celebrity endorsements that you could use as one of your variables.***