Please view the Unit 3 lecture power point on 3c media solutions link below

Answer the following questions by writing in the submission box. All of the questions are based only on the information discussed in the class lecture, no other resources are needed. Please read each question carefully, all parts of the question need to be answered to get full credit.

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Download and review these questions BEFORE listening to the video lectures.

#3: Artist as Scientist

1. Explain the primary use of natural images as well as art in general, before the Renaissance of the 1400’s. Were they realistically drawn?

2. Explain what made the Renaissance so different from the time periods before? Compare it with the Classic period and the Middle Ages.

3. Explain how Leonardo Da Vinci achieved realism and accuracy in his portraits of people and animals?

4. Explain the copperplate printing process.

5. Explain what made Maria Sibylla Merian’s work so unique compared to other research and artwork of her time?