Research the scholarly literature and complete the following:

 - Analyze the influence of politics on health care economics in the U.S.
 - Review the attempts made over past decades to initiate health care
 - Review the history of health care reform in the U.S.
 - Has the Affordable Care Act fundamentally changed U.S. policy?
 - Analyze one of the following non-U.S. health care economic models:
 - Canada.
 - Great Britain.
 - Germany.
 - Japan.
 - Analyze the influence of politics on the economics of the non-U.S.
 health care model you chose.
 - Examine the issue from both an economic and a financial perspective.
 - Compare the U.S. health care model with the non-U.S. health care model
 you chose.
 - What are the differences in payment structure, benefits, and
 provider interaction, as well as other relevant features of the
two models?

*Note:* You will examine other aspects of health care economics in
Assessments 1, 3, and 4. In Assessment 4, you will also consolidate your
work in Assessment 1–3 and provide a final commentary on the economics and
financing of health care delivery in the United States.
Additional Requirements

 - Written communication: Your writing should be free of errors in
 grammar and mechanics that detract from the overall message.
 - Resources: Use a minimum of 6–8 recent scholarly resources to support
 your main ideas.
 - APA formatting: Source citations and references should be formatted
 according to APA sixth edition style and formatting guidelines. Sources
 included in your reference list must be cited in the body of your
 - Font and font size: Arial, 10-point.
 - Length: Your assessment should be 3–4 pages in length (double-spaced),
 not including references.