• What is the term used for the amount and number of raw materials, parts, and finished products that a company has in its possession?Selected Answer:Correctb. inventoryAnswers:a. suppliesCorrectb. inventoryc. material resourcesd. physical resourcese. disturbed materials
  • Question 210 out of 10 points_____ management involves managing the daily production of goods and services.Selected Answer:Correctd. OperationsAnswers:a. Bureaucraticb. Resource
    c. SystemsCorrectd. Operationse. Contingency
  • Question 30 out of 10 pointsIn 2007, the national power company in Nigeria experienced a decline in its ability to generate electrical power. This decline is due to the Nigerian government’s instability, a political/legal component of the company’s specific environment.Selected Answer:IncorrectTrueAnswers:TrueCorrectFalse
  • Question 410 out of 10 pointsAs the health-care team leader for Commerce Bank, Mike Conlon is responsible for facilitating his team’s performance and should not be involved with any employees outside of his team.
    Selected Answer:CorrectFalseAnswers:TrueCorrectFalse
  • Question 50 out of 10 pointsShortly after Second World War, Heusen created a comfortable, self-folding collar. Prior to the invention, men wore collarless shirts with disposable collars either made of paper or a plastic-like material. In 1919, a U.S. patent was granted for the collar. In 1921, Heusen introduced the revolutionary new collar to the public with immediate and overwhelming success. This invention would be part of the _____ environment for Heusen, the shirt manufacturer.Selected Answer:Incorrectd. covertAnswers:a. overtCorrectb. specific
    c. centralizedd. coverte. interrelated
  • Question 610 out of 10 pointsManagers often prefer to use business confidence indices:Selected Answer:Correctb. as predictors of future economic activity when making business decisionsAnswers:a. to improve consumer confidence forecastsCorrectb. as predictors of future economic activity when making business decisionsc. which are based on intuition and experienced. to identify sociocultural trends

    e. to encourage customers to make long-term buying decisions
  • Question 710 out of 10 pointsThe goal of scientific management was to:
    Selected Answer:Correcta. find the one best way to perform each taskAnswers:Correcta. find the one best way to perform each taskb. decreased wages for individual workersc. find different ways to motivate workersd. make sure workers did not consider their work boring or repetitivee. eliminate conflict between workers and management
  • Question 810 out of 10 points_____ were most likely responsible for Hershey’s decision to sell its products in the Asian markets.
    Selected Answer:Correctc. Top managers
    Answers:a. First-line managersb. Middle managersCorrectc. Top managers
    d. Team leaderse. General managers
  • Question 910 out of 10 pointsManagers can only make sense of their changing external environments by completing all three of the following steps: environmental scanning, interpreting environmental factors, and acting on threats and opportunities.

    Selected Answer:CorrectTrueAnswers:CorrectTrueFalse
  • Question 1010 out of 10 pointsThe contingency approach to management holds that there is not one best way to manage an organization.Selected Answer:CorrectTrueAnswers:CorrectTrueFalse
  • Question 1110 out of 10 pointsAccording to _____, the most effective management theory or idea depends on the kinds of problems or situations that managers are facing at a particular time and place.Selected Answer:Correctc. The contingency approachAnswers:a. the human relations approachb. Bureaucratic managementCorrectc. The contingency approachd. administrative managemente. scientific management
  • Question 1210 out of 10 pointsThe classical functions of management are (1) making things happen, (2) meeting the competition, (3) organizing people, projects, and processes, and (4) leading.Selected Answer:CorrectFalseAnswers:TrueCorrectFalse
  • Question 1310 out of 10 pointsWhich of the following would be a part of an organization’s specific environment?Selected Answer:Correcte. its competitorsAnswers:a. all of the aboveb. new laws controlling its product’s exportationc. the technology it uses to make its productd. the economy in which it operatesCorrecte. its competitors
  • Question 1410 out of 10 pointsAfter a year as a manager, new managers typically realize their job is:Selected Answer:Correctc. people developmentAnswers:a. to be a problem-solverb. to be a troubleshooterCorrectc. people developmentd. to manage taskse. just as they expected
  • Question 1510 out of 10 pointsChanges in any sector of the general environment:Selected Answer:Correctd. will eventually affect most organizationsAnswers:a. tend to slow down how quickly an organization moves through the environmental cycleb. will typically not impact most organizationsc. inhibit the innovation processCorrectd. will eventually affect most organizationse. influence customers first and then suppliers
  • Question 1610 out of 10 pointsWhite Castle is a fast-food restaurant chain that is famous for its small, square hamburgers. Which of the following would be a component of its sociocultural environment?Selected Answer:Correctb. the fact that most consumers prefer to eat out rather than at homeAnswers:a. a period of business prosperityCorrectb. the fact that most consumers prefer to eat out rather than at homec. regulations passed by the Food & Drug Administrationd. the development of fully automated drive-through windowse. a price war with Burger King and McDonald’s
  • Question 1710 out of 10 pointsA __________ exists when there is a gap between a desired state (what managers want) and an existing state (the situation that the managers are facing).Selected Answer:Correctb. problemAnswers:a. service gapCorrectb. problemc. benchmarkd. condition of uncertaintye. minimum threshold
  • Question 1810 out of 10 pointsWhich of the following is a recommendation for how managers can model and encourage ethical behavior in employees?Selected Answer:Correcte. all of theseAnswers:a. handle information in a confidential and honest mannerb. set reasonable rather than unreasonable goalsc. create a reward system that does not reward unethical behaviord. use resources only for company businessCorrecte. all of these
  • Question 1910 out of 10 pointsAt the beginning of 2004, Gateway, the computer company, set a goal of reaching over $1 billion in quarterly sales that year. This goal does not satisfy all of the S.M.A.R.T. guidelines because it is not attainable or meaningful within Gateway’s competitive environment.
    Selected Answer:CorrectFalseAnswers:TrueCorrectFalse
  • Question 2010 out of 10 pointsBayer AG, Syndial SpA, Crompton Corp., DuPont Dow Elastomers, and Zeon Chemicals are all international manufacturers of rubber chemicals.  They have all been indicted as participants in a price-fixing scheme that drove up the costs of rubber chemicals used to make shoes, tires, and other products.  They could use the _____ model to justify their actions.Selected Answer:Correctd. shareholderAnswers:a. fiscalb. economicc. stakeholderCorrectd. shareholdere. accounting
  • Question 2110 out of 10 pointsAn individual who uses his or her influence to harm others in the company is engaged inSelected Answer:Correctb. political devianceAnswers:a. property devianceCorrectb. political deviancec. personal aggressiond. organizational irresponsibilitye. production deviance
  • Question 2210 out of 10 pointsA manager is involved in __________ when he or she chooses a goal and develops a method or strategy to achieve that goal.Selected Answer:Correctb. planningAnswers:a. goal-settingCorrectb. planningc. strategizingd. benchmarkinge. keystoning
  • Question 2310 out of 10 pointsOver the next three years, Procter & Gamble will improve its bargaining position with giant retailers like Wal-Mart, which will improve its ability to introduce new products.  This is P&G’s:Selected Answer:Correcte. strategic planAnswers:a. missionb. special-use planc. visiond. policyCorrecte. strategic plan
  • Question 2410 out of 10 pointsA purpose statement, which is often referred to as an organizational mission or vision, is a statement of a company’s purpose or reason for existing.Selected Answer:CorrectTrueAnswers:CorrectTrueFalse
  • Question 2510 out of 10 pointsAll four areas of social responsibility for companies (economic, legal, ethical, and discretionary) share equal importance in a company’s overall level of social responsibility.Selected Answer:CorrectFalseAnswers:TrueCorrectFalse
  • Question 2610 out of 10 pointsWhat type of planning would be used to create the festivities necessary to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of a furniture manufacturer?Selected Answer:Correctc. single-use planAnswers:a. standing planb. contingency planCorrectc. single-use pland. scenario plane. role-model plan
  • Question 2710 out of 10 pointsThe shareholder model holds that management’s most important responsibility is long-term survival (not just maximizing profits), which is achieved by satisfying the interests of multiple corporate stakeholders (not just shareholders).Selected Answer:CorrectFalseAnswers:TrueCorrectFalse
  • Question 2810 out of 10 pointsWhich of the following is NOT an example of a stakeholder group that an organization must satisfy to assure long-term survival?Selected Answer:Correctd. the mediaAnswers:a. employeesb. governmentsc. customersCorrectd. the mediae. investors
  • Question 2910 out of 10 pointsA(n) ____ is the individual who is formally in charge of guiding a change effort.Selected Answer:Correctb. Change agentAnswers:a. Change ombudsmanCorrectb. Change agentc. Change mentord. Staff moderatore. Intrapreneur
  • Question 3010 out of 10 pointsA technology cycle begins with the “birth” of a new technology and ends when that technology reaches its limits and “dies” as it is replaced by a newer, substantially better technology.Selected Answer:CorrectTrueAnswers:CorrectTrueFalse
  • Question 3110 out of 10 pointsResistance to change results from organizational factors, such as the absence of promotion guidelines, bonuses, and praise.Selected Answer:CorrectFalseAnswers:TrueCorrectFalse
  • Question 3210 out of 10 pointsA(n) __________ is a resource that is impossible or extremely costly or difficult for other firms to duplicate.Selected Answer:Correctb. Imperfectly imitableAnswers:a. RareCorrectb. Imperfectly imitablec. Reliabled. Strategically dissonante. Nonsubstitutable
  • Question 3310 out of 10 pointsThe greater the market commonality, the less intense the direct competition between two companies.Selected Answer:CorrectFalseAnswers:TrueCorrectFalse
  • Question 3410 out of 10 pointsThe positioning strategy that uses one of the other two positioning strategies to produce a specialized product or service is:Selected Answer:Correctc. FocusAnswers:a. Cost leadershipb. DifferentiationCorrectc. Focusd. Diversificatione. Repositioning
  • Question 3510 out of 10 pointsFully functional change occurs when incremental improvements are made to a dominant technological design so that the improved version of the technology is fully backward compatible with the older version.Selected Answer:CorrectFalseAnswers:TrueCorrectFalse
  • Question 3610 out of 10 points_____ occurs when companies don’t anticipate, recognize, neutralize, or adapt to the internal or external organizational pressures that threaten their survival.Selected Answer:Correctb. Organizational declineAnswers:a. Cyclical declineCorrectb. Organizational declinec. Organizational terminationd. Cultural demisee. Functional termination
  • Question 3710 out of 10 pointsThe mergers and acquisitions of Roche acquiring Genentach (pharmaceuticals) and Mars acquiring Wrigley (candy) are examples of growth strategy, a type of grand strategy.Selected Answer:CorrectTrueAnswers:CorrectTrueFalse
  • Question 3810 out of 10 points__________, also called a SWOT analysis for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, is an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses in an organization’s internal environment and the opportunities and threats in its external environment.Selected Answer:Correctd. Situational analysisAnswers:a. Competitive advantageb. Firm -Level strategyc. Market auditCorrectd. Situational analysise. Differentiation analysis
  • Question 3910 out of 10 pointsFilm directors at Pixar use daily _____ with their animation teams to review progress and to make sure that the film stays on budget and on schedule.Selected Answer:Correcte. MilestonesAnswers:a. Design iterationsb. Multi-functional teamsc. Product prototypesd. TestingCorrecte. Milestones
  • Question 4010 out of 10 pointsWhen resistance to change is based on insufficient, incorrect, or misleading information, managers should use ____ as an approach to manage resistance.
    Selected Answer:Correctc. Education and communicationAnswers:a. Participationb. Change manipulationCorrectc. Education and communicationd. Negotiatione. Coercion

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